Relieve Health Group

Relieve Health Group

Relieve Pain, Enable Function

What We Treat

Our treatments begin with a comprehensive review of your presenting concern before application of our pain-free, drug-free and surgery-free use of our technology enabled biopsychosocial (TEB) model for pain management. This includes laser therapy and is delivered across five core areas including:

Relieve's Story

Relieve Pain, Enable Function

Chronic pain affects 1 in 3 Australians. Living with pain is difficult, but understanding pain and strategies can help
Relieve Pain was founded by Dr. Kent Hungerford as an alternative to conservative and surgical treatment options for the prevention, repair and maintenance of a pain-free life so all Australians can keep doing what they love and stay mobile each and every day.

Biological Factors

New or Old Physical Injury
Training Load & Strength

Psychological Factors

We connect you with experts in:
Perception of Pain
Psychological Impacts of Pain
Underlying Mental Health Conditions

Social Factors

Get Back In Action
Regain Social Confidence
Eliminate Social Exclusion
Reduce Pain Catastrophizing

How We Treat The Biological Factors

Photobiomodulation therapy uses infrared and red light to increase blood flow, improving your healing & recovery rate.

Whilst this is happening, the patented technology is providing pain relief where you need it most through a multiwave locked system, or MLS.

We also guide you through appropriate exercise prescription which makes you stronger, preventing reinjury to keep you moving.

How We Help The Psychological Factors

Pain is more than just your physical injury. We help through pain education and psychological support through our network when needed or requested.

How We Guide The Social Factors

Getting you active within your family and social circle is important to recovery. It also helps you heal faster getting you back to your life sooner.

If you need help finding new social circles we can help there too.

Relieve's Story

Relieve Pain, Enable Function

Manual Labour

Intense Exercise

Sedentary at Work

Growing and Ageing